Wednesday, July 19, 2006

John Cusack Wins Restraining Order

Ok, ok, ok, John! You win! I'll stop throwing my panties over your fence, alright?! Sheesh. Ya know - some guys would have been flattered by all the attention. But, then again, I suppose the combination of my incessant phone calls, the daily flower deliveries, and the blimp Jazzy hired to fly over your house every other hour .... well, that may have been too much. We're sorry, we really are. But, dude, we LOVE you, man! We ... love ... you! Oh well - I guess this means the wedding's off. ... [sad sigh] Hey Jazzy - I called Goodyear and told them to cancel today's flights. Bummer.

Sassy Stalker

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JEWELS said...

Well Well I guess the "J" Sistahood has got another thing in common..... my love affair for Mr. Cusack...Is there any room in the blimp for an additional stalker????

Sassy said...

Hee hee! That's awesome! J-Jivers unite! (And remember - Just Say No To Benny-Bonics!)

JazzyJ said...

Why does my husband insist on these restraining orders? It is making it difficult to consummate our marriage!

Sassy said...

Ya know!?! He's beginning to piss me off! And we all know - the CIA ain't got nuthin' on a woman with a plan!

JazzyJ said...

Wait...we have a plan? Who knew this rag-tag operation with a dream had such a tool?