Monday, August 15, 2005

Don't Mess With Texas [Grannys]!

So, picture this: It's a rainy day in Texas. Dude is driving down the highway, while leaving a voicemail message for his buddy.

Suddenly - BANG! Dude witnesses a car accident right in front of him.

His entire reaction to the accident was captured on his friend's voicemail. Southwestern Bell and a Texas TV station were kind enough to post it on the Internet for one and all.

Judging by Dude's description of the events as they unfold, I think it's fair to say, old ladies from Texas don't take any shit!

Ready for a laugh? Click here.

[Ed. Note: Thanks to SHUDS for this clip!]

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Sassy said...

Tell me about it! That dude's laughter reminds me of you! You would totally crack up like that!