Sunday, September 14, 2003

To Bea

Thank you for this gift, this time.
I know you. But I don't.
I will cherish him, I promise.
I don't think I'm worthy.
I could run. But I won't.

Thank you for his warmth, his light.
You could break him. But you don't.
You uplift him and nourish.
You let him shine and accept love.
He could run. But he won't.

Thank you for my tears, his tears
My fears brought to light
Succumbing to his energy
Loving his self and embracing his soul.
He is the one to make me whole.

I know that by loving him
I have entered into a marriage with you
And I love you and hold you. I do.
Close and tight in my heart
Thank you, Bea - from me.

Signed Your Sassy Soul Sister

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