Monday, October 23, 2006

Uppers and Downers ....

So we're just really waking up over here ... (rough night - don't ask ... all I remember is red wine and music and tarot cards ....) Any hoozle -The Cap'n thought I should post the following with regard to one of the brightest talents in the current musical universe:

"Tired of their album? Tired? Um ... NO! Not even close!"

And then we discussed it further (over coffee and a screwdriver) and we made the following decision(s):

1. We could listen to "Uppers and Downers" 24 hrs a day for at least another 6-7 months (depending on the weather).

2. We're beyond stoked that Leon's got something else up their sleeve(s) - [we think they all have both arms, but who knows ...].

3. If Leon lived here, they'd have gotten a restraining order against us by now.

4. Every single person we play Leon's debut album for falls in love with it instantly and we think Leon may have some kind of subliminal messages in it that put us all into a Leon-trance, forcing us to become Leon minions.


5. Next time Sassy has a (serious business) teleconference at 10 a.m. on a Monday, she probably shouldn't entertain guests until 4 a.m. the night before.

Ok - all jokes aside: Buy this friggin' album NOW!

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AnkleBone said...

Welcome Back! Hope Spidey made it back in one piece as well...

Sassy said...

Spidey did! He's still hanging out in the Lala Lounge with his new girlfriend! Thanks for the welcome, Boney!