Thursday, January 20, 2005

Have You Seen This Wrench?

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I am told this is a 3/8" ratchet. "No, not a wrench," Ben admonishes. "Just call it a 'ratchet.'"

Ok - so, have you seen this ratchet? No? Me neither.

In the terms of my milk carton - here you go:

Name: 3/8" ratchet
Date of birth: unknown
Last seen: sometime during the installation of the Whipple Supercharger in Nizzle's truck. (Please note: said installation was performed by Nizzle and Ben...that may be useful info).

Are you getting the picture? Yeah, it's like when the surgeon sews you back up after the operation and goes, "Hey, where did those forceps go?"

The ratchet is either bolted into the engine or fell out during the inaugural post-Supercharger test drive. Who knows. All I know is, I didn't do it. It wasn't me. I was out of town. The dog ate my homework.

The good news is, Nizzle's truck runs great!

P.S. If you find this ratchet, please email Sassy!

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